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Are you among those who forward their CoinsWeekly newsletter to their colleagues and collector friends from time to time? If they subscribe now, you can soon expand your library by a small but important dictionary. more ]

Quarrel over San José gold treasure escalates

In November 2015, the wreckage of the galleon San José that was sunk in 1708 was found off the Colombian coast. It is said to be still loaded with gold and precious stones. Planning to recover this huge treasure, a U.S. American company even risks a battle at sea. more ]

No home for India’s priceless heritage

Indian Government is at a loss where to keep ‘stolen’ national treasures worth $100 million when US sends them back. Ivan Macquisten points out a central problem of returning cultural artefacts to source countries without proper preparations. more ]


The bone - or rather stone - of contention

There are two nations who both raise a claim to the Prince’s Stone as part of their cultural heritage: Slovenia and Carinthia. This story is a splendid topic for debate that has also manifested itself in numismatics. more ]

Auction sales

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