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Are you among those who forward their CoinsWeekly newsletter to their colleagues and collector friends from time to time? If they subscribe now, you can soon expand your library by a small but important dictionary. more ]

Roman coins discovered in Japanese castle ruin

The numismatic world is stunned by sensational news from faraway Japan. Coins from the time of Constantine the Great have been found in the province of Okinawa. But how did the copper coins get into Katsuren Castle, which was only built in the 12th century? more ]

Dam to Submerge Town of Hasankeyf

Turkey’s Ilisu dam project to contain the waters of the Tigris will force out residents of the town of Hasankeyf and cover the remains of at least 300 sites and 12,000 years of history under 200 feet of water. more ]


Bullion coins part 2: The Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf is currently one of the most popular bullion coins worldwide. This is not only due to its ubiquitous availability but it is also popular because of its high purity and the security features, the Royal Canadian Mint has come up with. more ]

Auction sales

Naville Numismatics Ltd. [ more ]

Sincona AG, CH-Zürich [ more ]

Heidelberger Münzhandlung Herbert Grün, D-Heidelberg [ more ]

London Coin Galleries in cooperation with Künker, GB-London [ more ]