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The most beautiful depiction of a ship in numisnautics

Danish King Christian V issued the largest gold medal ever struck to celebrate his victories at sea... more ]

Magical Numismatics: The Silver Shilling

Numerous novels, travelogues and short stories from the 19th century inform us about the numismatic every-day life. A particularly nice example is one of the more than 160 fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) has written. more ]

Numismatic witnesses to Denmark’s colonial past

Künker auction sale no. 244, to be conducted on 6th February 2014, will present a couple of coins that bear witness to Denmark’s colonial past. The Danish merchants wanted their share of the wealth from the distant continents, too. And that is why these coins take us to present-day Ghana, to South India and into the Caribbean. more ]

New Coin and banknote Gallery in Danish Nationalbank

The Danish Nationalbank has inaugurated a new exhibition in its lobby presenting the Danish coinage since 1818. Additionally banknotes are shown too. more ]

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