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Bullion coins part 5: Libertad

There are bullion coins that simply bear a wonderful name, for instance the Mexican Libertad, liberty, the bullion coin of the United Mexican States. It tells the story of the Aztec and Mexican past. more ]

Aztec God and jaguars – The Aztec calendar on a 2011 Mexican 1 kg silver coin

One of the world’s most impressive archaeological treasures ? weighing over 22 tons and with a diameter of about 12 feet ? has inspired one of the world’s largest coins, containing 1 kilogram (over 32 oz.) of pure silver... more ]

“A Meeting of Two Worlds”: Historic Ibero-American Coins Re-issued

The Royal Spanish Mint issued nine Ibero-American historic coins like Argentina’s first 1-peso coin or the Spanish 8-reales. But on the obverse these coins show the coats-of-arms of all participating countries... more ]

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