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Twenty years of Belgas

‘At first sight it looked like a rather plain certificate. But I was puzzled because it was not mentioning the familiar Belgian Franc as its currency denomination but Belgas. Thundering typhoons, what were Belgas?’ Read Franky Leeuwerck’s intriguing article to learn about it if you don’t know yet. more ]

Women and finance – An evolving image

Wertpapierwelt, a museum of securities in Zurich, focuses on women’s role in the world of securities. Around 100 objects illustrate the changes of how women were pictured on these papers – but also on how they entered the world of finances... more ]

Kawasaki in the year 2889

Scripophily expert Franky Leeuwerck made a thought experiment. Living in 2889 an archaeologist, specialized in 20th century financial artefacts finds a Japanese share from 1921. How does he react, what information can he retrieve from this document? more ]

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