Job vacancies

Postdoc-Numismatist University of Utrecht

Utrecht (NL) | 01.03.2018

The University of Utrecht has an open Postdoc-position for Coinage in ancient Greece (Anchoring Work Package 4) for 1.5 years. Its aim is to investigate the introduction of coinage and the monetization of Greece from the perspective of “Anchoring innovation”. [ more ]

Project Office for Numismatics Collection

Leeds (GB)

The University of Leeds has an open position for a project officer for documenting the University coin collection and delivering a vibrant volunteer programme. The project will be running for 8 months. [ more ]


Amsterdam (NL) | 01.03.2018

The University of Amsterdam has a Postdoc-position for its 1.5 year project “Roman Women: Legal Changes and Finances”. It will investigate the impact legal changes had on the financial (in)dependence of Roman women and how this may have anchored in traditional society. [ more ]

geprüfte wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft

Heidelberg (D) | Herbst 2017

Das Seminar für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik der Universität Heidelberg sucht eine geprüfte wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft für Projekt „Münz-Imitationen im infrastrukturellen Kontext während der zweiten Hälfte des 3. Jahrhunderts in der heutigen Pfalz“.  [ more ]

The numismatic job market was initiated by the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) and the International Numismatic Council (INC). The IAPN sponsors this service for the numismatic community. More information about the IAPN and its memberlist you will find on their website.