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Special issues of San Marino euro coins

The Mint of San Marino will issue two commemorative coins, a 2 Euro commemorative coin “Pinturicchio” and the 5 euro silver coin dedicated to J. F. Kennedy. Of the Pinturicchio coin a special edition will be distributed during the Monety Expo Warsaw in September. more ]

New euro coin designs for San Marino

15 years after the Republic of San Marino introduced the euro, the national sides are being changed now for the first time. The circulation coin set will be issued by end of June but you can see all new designs in this article already. more ]

Games of the Small States of Europe in San Marino

San Marino has issued a 5 euro silver collector coin in proof dedicated to the 17th edition of the “Games of the Small States of Europe San Marino 2017”. more ]

San Marino remembers Marco Simoncelli

The Republic of San Marino issues a bimetallic 5 euro collector coin in occasion of the 30th anniversary of the birth of Marco Simoncelli. The Italian professional motorcycle racer died in an accident during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix. more ]

San Marino’s divisional coins 2017 in proof

The Republic of San Marino has issued the Proof Divisional Coin Set 2017. The set also comprises two 2 euro commemorative coins. more ]

San Marino presents collector coins 2017 in gold

In 2017 San Marino issues commemorative coins in gold again. A 2 scudi gold issue is dedicated to the country’s architecture, and a set of gold euro coins celebrates the 25th anniversary of San Marino’s UN membership. more ]

News from San Marino

San Marino offers two new stamp and coin sets. Furthermore, there will be a 5 Euro commemorative coin on the occasion of the World Wildlife Day 2018. more ]

San Marino presents two new silver coins

The canals of Venice and a painting by Caravaggio are shown on San Marino’s latest commemorative coins. Both coins celebrate Italy’s culture during the Early modern period. more ]

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