ANA calls for nominations for 2015 Medallic Sculpture Award

November 6, 2014 – The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has announced the 2015 Numismatic Art Award for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture (NAAEMS). The award, which honors artists whose cumulative lifetime achievements in the field of medallic sculpture have been of the highest order, has a long history of almost 50 years.

Nominations should include the name of the nominee, address, contact information, a list of numismatic accomplishments, a brief biography and photographs of at least five medals – or Internet addresses where they can be viewed. 

Nominators should include their addresses and contact information; artists may nominate themselves.

Nominations must be received by noon on January 15, 2015.

Nominations should be submitted to

Ann Rahn, Project Liaison Coordinator
The American Numismatic Association
818 N. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs
CO 80903 

Or to Mel Wacks
Head of NAAEMS Committee,
5189 Jeffdale Ave.
Woodland Hills
CA 91364

More information about the award and the ANA on the ANA website.

Past Recipients By Year

1966    Paul Vincze
1967    Gilroy Roberts
1968    Frank Gasparro
1969    Edward R. Grove
1970    C. Paul Jennewein
1971    Ralph Menconi
1972    Elizabeth Jones
1973    Gertrude Lathrop
1974    Abram Belskie
1975    Robert Weinman
1977    Karen Worth
1978    Miko Kaufman
1979    Donald De Lue
1980    Bruno Mankowski
1981    Joseph Kiselewski
1982    Adlai S. Hardin
1983    No Recipient
1984    Anthony T. Jones
1985    Philip R. Nathan
1986    No Recipient
1987    Marcel Jovine
1988    John Cook
1989    Marika Somogyi
1990    Alex Shagin
1991    Eugene Daub
1992    Dora de Pedery-Hunt
1993    Chester Martin
1994    Don Everhart II
1995    Patricia Verani
1996    Edward Z. Steever IV
1997    Virginia Janssen
1998    Gerta Ries Wiener
1999    Hal Reed
2000    Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.
2001    John M. Mercanti
2002    T. James Ferrell
2003    Ron Landis
2004    No Recipient
2005    Garrett Burke
2006    Leonda Finke
2007    Jeanne L. Stevens-Sollman
2008    Jim Licaretz
2009    Merlin Szasz
2010     Ivanka Mincheva
2011    Michael Meszaros
2012    Mashiko Nakashima
2013    James MaloneBeach
2014    Ron Dutton

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