Cell phone photos security leak for coin collectors

May 8, 2014 – Today many numismatists take photos of their coins with a cell phone camera because they want to share these photos immediately with other enthusiasts on the internet. This, however, exposes them to a high risk as experts have marked out recently.

A cell phone saves the exact location where the photo was taken together with the photo itself thanks to modern GPS technology. Any criminal can retrieve the information of where e.g. you keep your coins from the photos you have shared online even without profound IT knowledge. The only way to prevent that scenario is to manually disable the default settings of the camera.

A Youtube clip shows you how easily criminals can work with your data – and how to take measures against this.

The Numismatic Crime Information Center also informs about this threat.

If you need help you may contact the NCIC Computer Crime Analyst Bryan Davis via email.

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