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May 9, 2013 – CoinsWeekly is about bringing people together from all over the world who are interested in various aspects of numismatics. But, of course, in order to bring them together CoinsWeekly needs to be known. Therefore we are always glad to spread the news of what we do and what we would like to be.
When CoinWeek’s David Lisot asked Ursula Kampmann in Berlin to describe what she does and aims at and what CoinsWeekly is all about she did not hesitate a moment and gave him an interview. If you want to listen to it or pass the link to people who would like to know ‘in a nutshell’ what the idea behind CoinsWeekly is, here is the link to the interview (in English and German as well).

Interview with Ursula Kampmann about CoinsWeekly at CoinWeek.

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