Comprehensive catalog of Palembang coins released

October 22, 2015 – The sultanate of Palembang on the Island of Sumatra (Dutch East Indies, today’s Indonesia) issued coins until 1821. Nearly all are lead-tin and uniface, mostly inscribed in Arabic. While previous references gave them only sketchy and inaccurate coverage, with two nineteenth century works each illustrating fewer than 30 varieties, a comprehensive catalog has been prepared on this often neglected numismatic material at last.

Cover and page from Frank S. Robinson, The Palembang Coins.Cover and page from Frank S. Robinson, The Palembang Coins.

Cover and page from Frank S. Robinson, The Palembang Coins.

Frank S. Robinson has compiled a little book, with background information, properly cataloging 291 distinct numbered varieties, all with clear enlarged photographs, plus rarity ratings on a ten-point scale. The work is the culmination of a project intensively analyzing 35,000 Palembang coins.

Robinson, a former New York State administrative law judge, is a longtime dealer in ancient and world coins, and author of seven previous books including ‘Confessions of a Numismatic Fanatic’, and ‘The Case for Rational Optimism’.

The price of the catalog is 4.99 dollars in the US, and 6.50 dollars abroad. 

For ordering a copy of the catalog, please contact Frank S. Robinson at Box 8600, Albany, NY 12208, or by email

More information is available at the author’s website

A quick access to a wealth of information on Palembang is provided by Wikipedia.

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