Global power Portugal (2015)

In April 2015 Ursula Kampmann travelled through Portugal exploring the numismatic and economic history of one of the world’s greatest nations of discoverers. She condensed her impressions in travel reports which you find here.

Part I: The Gulbenkian Museum

In her series of travel reports, Ursula Kampmann discovers Portugal. In the country on the coast of the Atlantic, she explores the numismatic and economic history of one of the world’s greatest nations of discoverers. Her first stop: the Gulbenkian Museum. Read Part I here.

Part 2: Belem and Henry the Navigator

In the second episode, she visits Belem, the place from which so many departed to conquer the world. Legend has it that Henry the Navigator was their inspiration. Read Part 2 here.

Part 3: Lisbon, the earthquake, and doubts about the existence of a benevolent God

The third episode tells of the tourist-laden Lisbon, whose architecture still shows traces of the 1755 earthquake that caused philosophers to question the existence of a benevolent God for the first time. Read Part 3 here.

Part 4: Medieval Lisbon

The fourth episode takes you right into medieval Lisbon. The best place to start is the castle hill. Read Part 4 here.

Part 5: Evora

In the fifth episode, we make our way to the provincial region of Alentejo, to Evora. The idyllic small town, which has been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986, was once an important residence... Read Part 5 here.

Part 6: Megalithic settlements in Alentejo

The sixth episode presents an unusual side of Portugal. With its megalithic settlements the Alentejo region shows an astonishing resemblance to Brittany. Read Part 6 here.

Part 7: Beja, Queen of the planes?

In episode seven, we visit Beja, called Pax Julia under the Romans and home to a museum which has the reputation of holding the most significant Visigothic art in Portugal. But then, people call a great many things significant … Read Part 7 here.

Part 8: The palaces in Sintra and Mafra

Episode eight has a truly royal touch as we visit the palaces in Sintra and Mafra. Sintra is, after all, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Mafra one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. Read Part 8 here.

Part 9: Batalha, Tomar and Fatima

In episode nine the legendary Monastery of Batalha and the mysterious Templar stronghold Tomar start off a series of highlights. And of course we also take a short detour to Fatima. Read Part 9 here.

Part 10: From the Cistercians to Salazar

Episode 10 shows us the inherently contradictory nature of the country at the westernmost tip of Europe. Read Part 10 here.

Part 11: Conimbriga and Aveiro

Episode 11 takes us to one of the largest Roman settlements excavated in Portugal as yet, Conimbriga. And then we are off to the Portuguese Venice with gondolas, meringue and busloads of tourists. Read Part 11 here.

Part 12: Guimaraes

In episode 12, we travel to Guimaraes, where the origins of Portugal lie – or at least where Salazar exploited the myth of Portugal’s origins for his cause. Read Part 12 here.

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