Halloween murder suspect arrested

November 28, 2013 – Since Halloween police has been searching the man suspected of having killed and robbed 81-year-old coin dealer Rogerdell Gibson in the US town of Albemarle. On Wednesday, 20.11.2013, the man was eventually arrested.

Ryan Anthony Efird, 45 years of Albemarle, has been planning for years to rob and kill the coin dealer according to his associates’ statements. Police was looking for him for a couple of days since he changed his sleeping-place continuously. Finally he was arrested just outside the city limit. Authorities got on his track by the help of CCTV footage showing Mr Efird outside the building somewhat earlier and later entering and leaving with two heavy bags.
Efird was arrested various times before and served an eight-month prison term for felonious breaking and entering and was released only earlier this year.

We reported on this robbery and murder in CoinsWeekly.

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