New eBook Release: “The Complete Coinage of Domitian”

September 11, 2014 – “The Complete Coinage of Domitian” by Rasiel Suarez is the latest entry in his eBook series on ancient Roman coinage. This new PDF is a complete overhaul of the section on emperor Domitian from the second edition of the highly acclaimed “Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins” released in 2010.

Rasiel Suarez,

Rasiel Suarez, "The Complete Coinage of Domitian".

Starting with a database of over 10,000 auction lots spanning four decades, over 1,000 varieties were identified including dozens previously unpublished. This painstakingly researched study provides the most detailed and accurate catalogue of this emperor’s coinage to date. All entries now include true number-based rarity counts, values from actual prices realized in various grades, the most precise dating available and printed as well as online referencing. Weights are now known at a much greater level of precision for each of the available denominations and the plates feature larger, sharper and more coin photos than ever before; an absolute must for the Flavian specialist!

This eBook is priced at only 10 dollars and available for download from

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