ONS Meeting Tübingen 2016

March 24, 2016 – The annual meeting/regional conference on Islamic numismatics will take place in the large seminar room of the department of Oriental and Islamic studies of the AOI, Tübingen University, Wilhelmstr. 113, D-72074 Tübingen in the afternoon and morning 7/8 May 2016.

During September of last year FINT (Forschungsstelle für Islamische Numismatik Tübingen) also moved into its new premises next to the seminar room, so that the meeting can benefit from the immediate availability of literature or comparative material if needed.
The presentation of the steady increase in knowledge in Islamic numismatics on the collectors side have its firm place in the ONS meetings but equally insights into the progress of academic studies by students and senior researchers should be part of the programme. Tübingen can contribute with first results from a web.gis presenting the late medieval minting activities in the Near East as part of a major project of mapping directed by prof. Kurt Franz. Whoever can contribute to the programme please contact the organisator Lutz Ilisch by e-mail or telephone. He will try to be of assistance when literature or images are needed in the preparation of contributions.

Already during the autumn of last year but again more recently the mailing list of these ONS invitations was misused in spam mails trying to lead the recipients to open links with commercial and presumably fraudulent content. Please never follow such links, even if the name of Lutz Ilisch is indicated as sender.

The contact details of Dr Lutz Ilisch are:
Forschungsstelle für Islamische Numismatik
Abteilung Orient- und Islamwissenschaften
Asien-Orient-Institut der Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstr. 113
D-72074 Tübingen
tel. +49 7071-2975208

You can find the FINT website here.


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