Peru centre of counterfeit banknotes

June 11, 2013 – Some 17 per cent of all counterfeit banknotes in the USA are made in Peru. After Colombia the neighbouring country has recently become the most important centre for the production of fake bills worldwide. Not only in quantity but also as quality is concerned Peruvian greenback counterfeiters are better than even their US colleagues. Since a couple of years the US Secret Service collaborates intensively with the Peruvian law enforcement in order to fight back the criminal organisations specialised in counterfeiting banknotes – and not only US bills. ‘An organization that has someone who knows how to print will not limit themselves to just US dollars. They will also fake other currencies,’ says Special Agent Ed Lowery to the Global Post.

Here you may read the Global Post article.

The Secret Service offers a guide to how detect counterfeit money.

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