Robbery in Eisingen (Germany)

November 21, 2013 – Police is searching for a man who allegedly tried to rob a coin dealer in the German town of Eisingen. On Wednesday morning a man asked for certain gold coins worth a couple of thousand euros. Later, at about 1 pm, he returned and suddenly brandished a grenade-like object forcing the dealer to hand over the coins. When another client entered the shop the robber escaped, though, with no booty in a light ML class Mercedes. The car showed the number plate LB-XX 1965 which had been stolen previously.

Facial composite of the robber.

Facial composite of the robber.

The man is described as between 35 and 40 years of age with dark hear and moustache and goatee.
Whoever has information concerning this man who may have lingered around the Eisingen area may call the police station in Pforzheim (07231/186-0) or any other German police station.

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