Roof-top burglar robs Tacoma rare coin shop

May 2, 2013 – Police knew this procedure since it had occurred for a couple of times in the area: A man sawed a hole in the roof and got into a shop by a rope. In the night of April 6 this happened in a rare coin shop in Tacoma in the historical building of Freighthouse Square.

The man quickly emptied the showcases whose keys were nearby due to adverse circumstances. He filled all coins he can into a bag and left the store the same way he had entered it. On the roof, though, many coins dropped out of the bag. The loss probably amounts to some $30,000. Mr Brandt, the shop owner, states that he is not insured but he hopes police will catch the burglar soon. Indeed, on the store surveillance video the unmasked burglar is very clearly recognisable.

This is the website of The American Rare Coin & Collectibles.

You can read an article about this theft at The News Tribune.

And you can see a shootage of the burglary here.

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