Swiss Coin dealer routs robber

November 21, 2013 – We would not recommend to imitate this action but thankfully everything went well. On Wednesday afternoon, November 13, 2013, the door of the coin shop Münzen Huber in the Swiss town of Aarau opened and a masked and hooded man entered. He addressed the owner in broken English brandishing a pistol and eventually sprang at the shop window’s display shuffling together what he was able to take. The shop’s owner, however, took for his part trays and whatever was at hand – and threw it valiantly at the robber as a surveillance video shows.
Before, though, the coin dealer had pushed the alarm button to alert his employee who came to his help immediately. Together they chased the robber outside where he tried to evade on a bicycle. Again the man waved his pistol in front of the two numismatists – and again the shop owner was not at all impressed and threw the bike onto the robber who took to his heels with very few plunder. Police is still searching for the man who has not yet been identified.

An article in the Aargauer Zeitung describes the robbery and shows the surveillance video.

This is the website of Münzen Huber.

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