Video series on the background of our monetary system

April 24, 2014 – In 17 video episodes economic expert Prof. Antal E. Fekete explains his view on our current monetary system. He is proponent of the gold standard and stands in the tradition of the Austrian school of economics.

For over 50 years professor Fekete has studied monetary economy. He teaches mathematics and statistics in Canada and is critic of the current monetary system as it is based on unconvertible currencies.

Professor Fekete works within the framework of the theory of free market economy inspired by Carl Menger. Menger founded the Austrian School of economic thought around 1900. Professor Fekete considers his own theory of interest as an expansion of that approach. Menger supported the theory of direct barter that leads into indirect barter. Professor Fekete also advocates the theory of direct transition of revenue into asset and of asset into revenue which is transformed into indirect barter too (buying and selling of gold bonds).
He also favours the Real Bill Doctrine of Adam Smith which he calls the ‘Real Bill Doctrine’.

The economic expert exposes his ideas in a comprehensive interview which is being published by Johannes Müller in 17 episodes every Tuesday since February 25, 2014. We are keeping the following list up to date.

Part 1: The Banking system

Part 2: My background

Part 3: Money creation

Part 4: The ignored anniversary

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