Online compendium makes medieval texts accessible

From Europe to Asia, from AD 600-1600 – that is the range the “Global Medieval Sourcebook” spans. Stanford University’s free online tool offers transcriptions as well as new English translations of written sources in a variety of genres. more ]

Exhibition illuminates Bank of England in literature

To mark the launch of the new Jane Austen £10 note, the Bank of England museum presents “Stories from the City: The Bank of England in Literature”. Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot and others figure prominently in this special exhibition that will run throughout 2018. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at the playground ... more ]

Registration open for the World Banknote Summit 2018

Registration is now open for the World Banknote Summit to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 24-26 September 2018. True to its signature hallmark, the Summit agenda will focus on banknotes and their role in the payment landscape from different perspective. more ]

World & Ancient Coin Sales Hit $49 Million in 2017 at Heritage Auctions

High-profile sales in World & Ancient Coins propelled one of Heritage Auctions’ fastest-growing categories to $49 million in sales in 2017, its second best year ever. One of the last year’s milestones for the company was its expansion to London. more ]

PNG presents their survey of the Market for U.S. Rare Coins

U.S. rare coins selling for $50,000 or more and those selling for $500 or less generally did well during 2017, according to the Professional Numismatists Guild. more ]

Numismatic Spring Festival: 51st Numismata Munich and 10th Numismata Vienna 2018

The organizers invite to the 51th Numismata in Munich on 3 and 4 March 2018 as well as to the 10th Numismata in Vienna on 6 and 7 April 2018. more ]

The bracteates: An image of society in the High Middle Ages

In a short film, the beautifully preserved bracteates of the Professor Helmut Hahn collection illustrate the medieval estate-based society. And the historical background in turn helps to better understand their imagery. more ]

Latvia dedicates coins to Kurzeme and Latgale

Marking the country’s centenary in 2018, Latvijas Banka issues a four-part series of 2-euro commemorative coins featuring the coat of arms of selected cultural and historical regions. The latest two coins are devoted to Kurzeme and Latgale. more ]

Finish coin honors Independence Day

To honor Finland’s 100th Independence Day on December 6, 2017, the Mint of Finland has released a silver commemorative coin. Suiting this nation-wide celebrated date, the coin features an extract of Finland’s declaration of independence in Finnish and Swedish. more ]

Numismatics in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the city of banks and commerce. But Frankfurt is also a city of numismatics. Probably no one knows this better than Frank Berger. He shows us what numismatists and coin collectors should know and which places they should visit. more ]

Portable Antiquities Scheme Reports a Record Year for Treasure Found by the Public

At the launch of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure annual reports at the British Museum it was announced that the number of new Treasure discoveries by members of the public had hit a record level. Read more about some of the fascinating finds. more ]

East Asian Coins on Display at National Museum of American History

Collector Howard F. Bowker's family donated more than 380 East Asian coins, banknotes and stamps to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. A selection of them is currently on display. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in Plaka, Athens ... more ]

Does the U.S. Mint do enough to fight counterfeiters?

The United States are currently seeing a surge of counterfeit U.S. coins entering the nation. A debate has arisen as to who is responsible for protecting the coinage. The Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force says that the U.S. Mint’s efforts lack commitment. more ]

NGC shows how to detect transfer die forgeries

NGC demonstrates the characteristics that expose a transfer die forgery. The example comes from Bavaria: It’s about a 1825 “Geschichtstaler” of king Louis I. more ]

Frederick Yow becomes Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio’s Expert for Southeast Asia

Flanking Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio expanding operations to Singapore, Frederick Yow has joined the staff. An avid collector, numismatist and researcher, he will represent this leading rare coin and banknote auction firm as Consignment Director of Southeast Asia. more ]

The Royal Mint launches The Sovereign 2018

Marking the 65th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation, The Royal Mint presents The Sovereign for 2018. Its design is modelled on Royal Mint Chief Medallist Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic interpretation of St George and the dragon. more ]

Stir over alleged Mommsen medal

It was to be a highlight at Heritage’s upcoming New York Auction in January 2018: Theodor Mommsen’s Nobel Prize medal for Literature. Then it turned out: the original is being kept in an archive. A counterfeit? Fraud? The issue is not that simple. more ]

Who owns the Jewish cultural heritage in Iraq?

An international debate has arisen over the fate of Jewish cultural heritage. Iraq is demanding that the U.S. returns an archive confiscated by Iraqi officials 30 years ago – a story of dealing with history. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, at an auction ... more ]

2017 ICOMON Meeting Report

Hosted by Bank Indonesia, the XXIV ICOMON Annual Meeting was held in Jakarta from 3-7 September 2017. Here you can read a report on the conference sessions and the accompanying program, authored by representatives of Bank Indonesia. more ]

IAFOR Silk Road Initiative

In 2018 the IAFOR Silk Road Initiative will officially be launch. This network aims at connecting researchers, individuals and institutions with the common interest in interdisciplinary silk road studies. more ]

The Royal Mint adds platinum and silver to Signature(TM) range

The Royal Mint expands its Signature(TM) bullion range to also include platinum and silver. Investment opportunities start at just £20. This is due to research resulting in the statement that 60% of Brits believe they don’t have enough money to consider investing. more ]

Polymer Coin Wins IACA Award for Best Coin Innovation

The IACA Excellence in Currency 2017 Coin Awards were conferred during The Coin Conference in Warsaw on October 24, 2017. The German Polymer-coin was awarded the prize for Best Coin Innovation. more ]

Hungary dedicates coins to Kossuth Square National Memorial

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank issues a 2,000-forint non-ferrous collector coin dedicated to Budapest’s Kossuth Square and renders a depiction of the iconic Parliament as one of the city’s defining elements. more ]

For my Bulgarian friend Dimitar Draganov

2017 marks the 65th birthday of Dimitar Draganov. On this occasion a Festschrift was published. Ursula Kampmann was responsible for the biography of Dimitar. In order to inform our readers about the difficult situation our colleagues behind the Iron Curtain had to face, we republish this biography. more ]

George Frederick Kolbe: 50 Years of Numismatic Bookselling

Even in times of digital publications, printed literature is vital for coin enthusiasts. One of the best reputed experts in numismatic literature is Georg Friedrich Kolbe. On the occasion of his 50th anniversary in the field, David F. Fanning summarizes his achievements. more ]

Theodor Mommsen's Nobel Prize to appear at auction

Heritage Auctions will offer the 1902 Nobel Prize for Advancement in Literature in New York on January 7-8, 2017. Estimated to fetch $300,000, it is the medal that was awarded to “the greatest living master of the art of historical writing,” Theodor Mommsen. more ]

Proceedings INC XV Taormina

The XVth International Numismatic Congress was held in Taormina from 21-25 September 2015. Now the proceedings have been published with Italian publisher Arbor Sapientiae and are on offer for a special price. more ]

21st Edition of “Paper Money of the United States” released

The 21st edition of Friedberg’s “Paper Money of the United States” was released. Featuring color illustrations of notes from America’s greatest currency collections, this updated and revised standard reference book is available in three formats. more ]

San Marino presents collector coins 2017 in gold

In 2017 San Marino issues commemorative coins in gold again. A 2 scudi gold issue is dedicated to the country’s architecture, and a set of gold euro coins celebrates the 25th anniversary of San Marino’s UN membership. more ]

Syracuse in the Time of the Peloponnesian War

A new standard work of reference on the Syracusan tetradrachms in the time of the signing artists was released. Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert and Ute Wartenberg revised and annotated Tudeer’s catalog. Ursula Kampmann took a look at the opus. more ]

Coins instead of chocolate

Are you bored of sweet surprises in your advent calendar? Take a look at Sixbid. Behind every calendar door a numismatic surprise is expecting you. And with some luck you may win it. more ]

Netherlands to be honored at 2018 World Money Fair

The World Money Fair welcomes a different nation as host country every year. The one for 2018 has just been announced: The Netherlands. more ]

Investment plans vs. heritage conservation

With an investment project for Athen’s defunct Ellinikon Airport, debt-ridden Greece currently becomes a talking point. Archaeologists believe a planned tourist resort to endanger cultural heritage. But now the way seems cleared. more ]

Princeton Receives Bell Collection of Ducats

The Princeton University Library Numismatic Collection has acquired the ducats collection of Benjamin R. Bell. Comprising 190 gold coins and imitations, it will enhance knowledge of this currency’s importance in the commerce of the eastern Mediterranean and the Near East. more ]

‘Mexican Paper Money 2017’ online available

World Numismatics has released the 2017 Edition of the most complete guide to Mexican Paper Money for digital download. Listing more than 7,000 items and thousands of changes including many newly discovered notes, this industry standard is now fully searchable. more ]

State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg launch new website

The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg have launched their new website featuring a wealth of interesting information on technical aspects related to the minting of coins and medals. If you want to learn more about the new polymer coin or the manufacturing of their famous art medal, you can find detailed information at more ]

Latvia dedicates coin to folk songs

Latvijas Banka has issued a 5 euro silver collector coin “Smith forges in the sky”. Dedicated to all Latvian folk songs and bearing a poetical message enhanced by the drawings of artist Edgars Folks, it refers to a key symbol of Latvian identity. more ]

ANS announces 2018 Gala Honorees

The American Numismatic Society will honor the Rosen Family with the Trustees’ Award on Thursday, January 11, 2018. With this price, the ANS recognizes the generous support and the enhancement of its collections by the Rosen Family. more ]

Stockholm: Lawsuit against Royal Coin Cabinet thief

In April we had to report that at least 1,200 objects worth the equivalent of 2.6 million euros had disappeared from the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet. A perpetrator is now standing trial. A second one is the subject of ongoing investigations. more ]

Stolen Cyrenaican stater on the numismatic market

In 2011 a large collection of coins was stolen from the Commercial Bank of Benghazi. Now some pieces have come up in auctions. Alessandro Cattaneo and Michele Asolati identified one and describe how exemplarily auction house Leu acted. more ]

Weltmuseum Wien in new splendor

After three years of redesigning, the Weltmuseum Wien has opened its doors again. It bears witness to the fact that the economy has been connecting most parts of the world since the 16th century. more ]

175 years of the Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium

On May 21, 2016 the Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium celebrated its 175th anniversary. Time to look back. In a colloquium, researchers reconstructed the history of numismatics in Belgium. Now the accompanying proceedings have been released. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

Good Photos of Bad Coins: An Example of Crowdsourcing and Numismatic Publishing

Collectors are used to high-res images of visually perfect coins in publications. Whitman Publishing has now assembled photographs of problems coins as an illustration to Kenneth Bressett’s Guide to Coin Collecting. Dennis Tucker reports about what he saw while assembling. more ]

Canadian coin commemorates 100th anniversary of Maple Leafs

Marking the 100th anniversary of the legendary Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, the Royal Canadian Mint released a special one-dollar circulation coin. Unveiled on October 7, 2017, Canadian hockey fans can look forward to finding it in their change. more ]

The Royal Mint issues its 2017 Remembrance Day coin

The renowned poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ served as the foundation of this year’s Remembrance Day coin of The Royal Mint. A poignant synonym of remembrance, the poppy constitutes its focal point, accompanied by an inscription that ties in a notion of silence. more ]

Heist at Bergen University Museum

In August 2017, thieves took almost 400 mainly Viking Age artefacts among them coins from Bergen University Museum, Norway. To make the sale of these items more difficult, the public was asked for help. A first major success was achieved already. more ]

The man who rescued two Nobel Prize Medals from the Nazis by dispersing them

George Charles de Hevesy is known as the man who rescued two Nobel Price Medals dedicated to his fellow physicists from the Nazis by dissolving them in a solution of "aqua regia". He was decorated with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry himself in 1944. This medal and three further decorations of him will by sold by Morton & Eden on November 23, 2017. more ]

ANS Partners with Google Arts & Culture to Present Online Exhibits

The American Numismatic Society has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to present online exhibits of its collections through the Google Cultural Institute. Visitors of the first exhibition can view images and video, engage with maps and link with ANS’s database. more ]

Nummi et Humanitas

Stanislaw Suchodolski ranks among the most famous Polish numismatists. He is specialized in the Middle Ages. Thus his festschrift is a get-together of all those who have something to say in medieval numismatics. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

2017 I.A.P.N. book prize for Andreas Pangerl

Every year, the International Association of Professional Numismatists awards the best numismatic publication. The 2017 book prize goes to Andreas Pangerl for his work on 500 Years of Roman Coin Portraits. more ]

Royal Mint launches 2017 Christmas coins

Celebrating Yuletide tradition, The Royal Mint has released three special coins for Christmas 2017, for keeping or stirring into the Christmas pudding. And in an exclusively designed set comes a gold coin featuring Peter Rabbit, accompanied by a book. more ]

ANS provides online image-zooming feature

The American Numismatic Society will make its highest-resolution images available. With 160,000 numismatic objects photographed thus far, this will enable researchers to zoom down into minute details, in order to assist them in their work. more ]

Complaint against the German KGSG with the European Commission

Within the German coalition talks, the revision of the Law on the Protection of Cultural Property is also part of the agenda – as a concern of the Free Democratic Party. The law has proved to be unrealistic, which is why a complaint is pending before the European Commission. more ]

British Museum exhibition illuminates religious beliefs

“Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond” is the title of an exhibition at the London British Museum until April 8, 2018. Displaying objects from 40,000 BC to today, it highlights world faiths, traditional indigenous, archaeological and modern civil practices. more ]

CCG Launches Authenticated Stamp Guaranty

Certified Collectibles Group has announced the formation of its newest member company, Authenticated Stamp Guaranty (ASG). Replicating many proven practices of NGC, PMG and CGC, ASG will provide a higher level of expertise and protection to the world of philately. more ]

Catalogue of the coinage of Charles Ferdinand Vasa (1613-1655)

The Polish Numismatic Society has published a catalogue of the coinage of Charles Ferdinand Vasa, Prince Bishop of Breslau and Duke of Neisse. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the little book. more ]

New international Numismatic Fair in Maastricht

From 8-10 December 2017, the first edition of the Maastricht International Fair will take place in the Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Center – a public fair for collectors, enthusiasts and investors in coins, paper money and precious metals. more ]

Meteorite Impact – Chergach

A real meteorite fragment is embedded in each of the “Chergach Meteorite” coins, designed by CIT for the Cook Islands. The combination of several complex minting technologies and a special finish generates a surface that looks like the impact site in the Sahara desert. more ]

Hungary commemorates Reformation’s 500th anniversary

To mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the National Bank of Hungary is issuing a silver 10,000-forint coin and a copper-nickel 2,000-forint coin. It thus also pays tribute to the Reformed Church as the country’s most influential branch of Protestantism. more ]

London: a hub of numismatics

No other city in the world has a numismatic scene like London. Companies that have been in business since 1666 operate alongside young enterprises that have achieved a high degree of name recognition in just a few years. If you add the many branches of European auction houses, you can imagine what ‘Numismatic London’ has to offer. more ]

Communism at the British Museum

In the display ‘Communism’ running until 18 March 2018 the British Museum investigates how countries with a form of communist government have demonstrated their view on money and economy on their money, government bonds and related material. more ]

EU Report backs art dealers’ position

The final report from Deloitte for the European Commission confirms other reports that there is no evidence at all that an illicit market in cultural property run by organised crime exists. However, it comes to predictably wrong conclusions. Read a briefing by IADAA. more ]

Luther 2017

‘Luther Imagines 2017’ is the title of the latest exhibition catalog of the State Coin Collection Munich. In line with the Reformation year, distinguished numismatists recall past Reformation jubilees. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

“Too big to study?” Workshop on large coin hoards

The Department of Humanities at Trieste University (Italy) organizes an international workshop-seminar on 18 May 2018. “Too big to study” is dedicated to the question how to deal with large coin hoards. The organizers invite to send propositions for papers. more ]

Royal Mint celebrates Royal Platinum Wedding

Marking 70 years of marriage of Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, The Royal Mint releases a range of Platinum Wedding coins. Featuring the combined portraits, these issues commemorate the longest royal marriage in British history. more ]

Kangaroo bounds ahead to lead 2018 Australian Bullion Program

As the nation’s iconic animal, the Kangoroo features on the first release of The Perth Mint’s 2018 bullion program. Further releases include the Kookaburra, and the Lunar Series to mark the upcoming Year of the Dog. more ]

Medal production in 1930

In 1929/1930, the America-based Medallic Art Company made a film that shows the making of a medal, from the draft to the delivery of the product finished. This is a fascinating glimpse into early 20th century medal production! more ]

Casting medallions for beginners

Everybody can make a medallion. At least all graduating students at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A Youtube video shows how even unexperienced students succeed in producing bronze medallions. more ]

The Dr Rainer Opitz Collection

Luther, the Reformation and the consequent Protestantism are among the historical forces that have shaped our world. This film presents the Opitz Collection, a collection with a distinct focus on this subject illustrating the historical background. more ]

From Georg Heinrich Sander to the Collection of a History Enthusiast

Georg Heinrich Sander assembled an impressive coin collection in the middle of the 18th century. A collector of today was impressed and reconstructed his collection according to his publication. This film is bridging the gap between these coin collectors, separated by centuries, united by enthusiasm. more ]

James Earl Jones Coin Collecting Video Free on PNG YouTube Channel

The Professional Numismatists Guild has uploaded the award-winning video “Money: History in Your Hands” on its new YouTube channel. Narrated by acclaimed actor James Earl Jones, it gives advice about buying, storing and selling numismatic items and bullion for everyone. more ]

Ships on Coins and Medals

Do you also dream of circumventing the world numismatically? Then this film about ships on coins and medals is just the right remedy for your wanderlust. The shown specimens will be offered at the Künker Summer Auction Sale. more ]

British Museum podcast shows how to deface a coin

In a British Museum podcast episode Tom Hockenhull, curator of Modern money, discussed the phenomenon of counterstamping coins during the British suffragette movement for publicity. He also demonstrates the counterstamping process in action! more ]

The War of the Spanish Succession

On November 1, 1700 the childless King of Spain died. The fight for his empire was the reason for the War of the Spanish Succession. This film will tell you its history using coins and medals from that period. more ]

William Goetzmann on “Money Changes Everything”

In a lecture at the Museum of American Finance financial historian William Goetzmann argued that development of finance has made the growth of civilizations possible. You can now watch the lecture on video. more ]

Coins and Medals of the Popes

Coins and medals of the Popes are popular among collectors all over the world. A little film explains several papal symbols and summarizes the history of modern papacy using coins and medals. more ]

David Hendin presents coins from the Jewish War

David Hendin is Adjunct Curator for the American Numismatic Society and an expert in ancient Jewish coins. In a video for the ‘Ancient Jew Review’ he gives a brief history of the war and presents some of the Jewish coins minted during this period. more ]

Money in Ancient Rome

Republic, Senate, Dictator, we all know what these terms do mean. And we tend to transfer the modern interpretation to Ancient Rome. Nevertheless, then politics was completely different. What it did look like, you will learn in this PDF slideshow series. more ]

Coins and Medals from Regensburg

The Rudolf Spitzner Collection of coins and medals from Regensburg features numismatic items ranging from medieval pfennigs to convention talers of the last prince-bishop of Regensburg. A film presents some of the numerous numismatic rarities. more ]

Russian Medals: Peter the Great of Russia

Did you ever ask yourself why there are so many medals of Peter the Great? This fact has to be credited to Catherine the Great. And if you want to know why, you should have a look at this Künker Podcast. more ]

The Principality of Transylvania

In their Summer Auction 2015 auction house Künker offered some extraordinary gold pieces. A film tells you the history full of conflicts of Count Dracula’s Transsylvania following these coins. more ]

Coins of the Roman Republic

In the Spring Auction 259-262 auction house Künker sold a special collection Roman Republic on March, 9th 2015. On that occasion Künker has prepared a little movie that gives you historical information on some of the intriguing coinages. more ]

The First Gold Coins of the United States

A selection of extremely rare, early private gold dollars of the American gold fields was part of the Künker’s Berlin-Auction 258 on January, 29th, 2015. This film narrates the gripping story behind these coins. more ]

Mining Coins as Artifacts of State-of-the-Art Mining Technology

You have to know one or two things about the history of mining technology to fully understand the purpose of the various buildings and installations you see depicted on mining coins. This film helps you. Join us in our descent into a numismatic mine! more ]